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  1. 农业农村部规划设计研究院

  2. 山东省科学技术厅 - 通知公告

  3. xmind pro 8破解版|xmind pro 8中文破解版下载(xmind pro 8序列号/注册码)[网盘资源] - 3322软件站
    1. Uninstall any previous version of XMind, ideally, using a specialised uninstaller tool, such as, for example: 'CrystalIDEA Uninstall Tool' - this will help minimise any trouble-shooting of problems with the RCE solution implemented, that may, or may not, arise, in practice.
    2. Install XMind 8 Pro, and then run it at least once.
    3. Disable update checks: -> Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Startup -> Check updates and news on startup: NO (Apply)
    4. Disable anonymous statistics sending: -> Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Startup -> Send usage data: NO (Apply)
    5. Close XMind.
    6. Copy the modified 'XMind.ini' into the original installation directory and replace wih the existing one! Path: Program Files (x86) / Xmind
    7. Copy entire RCE folder into the original installation directory, where XMind.ini modified file exists. Path: Program Files (x86) / Xmind
    8. To preserve the activation of the Professional Edition mode with supplied License Key, it will be necessary to add some Internet Domain Name definitions into your Operating System's HOSTS file, to block XMind from accessing the domain of the Developer's website:
      # XMind Mind-Mapper xmind.net www.xmind.net
    9. Start XMind and activate the Professional Edition mode, by entering the supplied Email Address and License Key: -> Help -> License -> Enter License... (Verify)

    Email Address:
    (Any valid email address is acceptable, actually)
    Serial Key: